Orrong Hotel


Revealing the traces of its art deco past, the Orrong Hotel recreates a relaxed bar and dining experience that minimises intervention and celebrates authenticity. A gradual removal of layers uncovered the pub’s original bar footprint, and more importantly, a number of original, well-preserved materials – including the bar’s striking, mustard and red-banded tiles. These findings initiated a design process centred around principles of preservation, reinstatement and reinterpretation.

Rich caramel and burnt umber plaid carpets meld seamlessly with the bar's original glazed tiling, rich timber floors and linings, offering an inviting atmosphere to nestle in by the fire and stay a while. Complementing the venue's original character, leather banquette seats, vintage artworks and ambient lighting accentuate a feeling of mellow warmth and grain. Warm, tonal and inviting, Orrong Hotel offers cosy corners, active social settings and areas to engage in the hustle and bustle of the nostalgic corner pub, bringing the old local into a new era.

Photography by Eve Wilson.

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