The Prince of Merewether


Designed as the ultimate neighbourhood local, The Prince of Merewether is a warm and welcoming venue; a place for the whole Newcastle community to gather. The combination of bistro, bar, bottle shop and balcony required a carefully curated design approach to elevate the much-loved venue, established in 1876, while maintaining a sense of warmth and approachability. Numerous additions were removed to improve circulation and give a greater sense of legibility and purpose. The sweeping central bar is anchored by a structural spine wall, with bistro, kids’ area, sports bar and public bar wrapped neatly around.

Materials interpret the charm of a traditional pub with a contemporary hand. Stained timber and oxidized brass are combined with speckled terrazzo to give timeless appeal, while tartan carpet and deep-hued leather give a playful commentary on pub traditions.

Upstairs, the venue presents a bright and airy inversion, connecting to a broad balcony filled with lush planting. Soft, earthy tones address the coastal outlook, while an expansive void provides vertical connection between program spaces.

Photography by Jade Cantwell.

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